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Download SKUARIO now for easy & fast payment of all your self-service orders.

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SKUARIO is your personal assistant to manage all your kiosk transactions.

With the new user friendly SKUARIO app you can order & pay cashless at unattended kiosks like i.e. print/scan/copy machines, vending machines, ticket machines, lockers, coffee machines, photo booths, laundry machines, kiddy rides etc.

SKUARIO gives you complete control over all your transactions and expenses. SKUARIO is a trusted & proud partner of leading global brands.


  • What is SKUARIO?

    SKUARIO is a secure mobile app for easy ordering & cashless mobile payments of small value transactions.

    With SKUARIO you are able to pay with your mobile phone at unattended kiosks all over the world.

    SKUARIO is the leading order & payment solution of choice for many global brands in the unattended kiosk market.

  • How can I use SKUARIO?

    SKUARIO is easy, simple & fast.

    Just download the app, register your account, connect your preferred payment method and pay as you go.

  • Where can I use SKUARIO?

    Everywhere you use coins & cash to pay at unattended kiosks you can use SKUARIO instead.

    You can use SKUARIO to order & pay at print/scan/copy machines, vending machines, coffee machines, lockers, photo boots, kiddy rides and more.

    SKUARIO is the leading order & mobile payment solution of choice for many global brands in the unattended self-service machines market.

  • Is SKUARIO safe?

    SKUARIO is safe, simple and fast. You pay using your email address and password and PIN code. Just be sure not to share your logins or PIN code.